Intimacy Mentor & Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Teacher for Modern Women on the path of Devotion & Sacred Union

Only love will set us free.


I'm an Intimacy Mentor, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Teacher & Intuitive Healer with over a decade of experience as a practitioner. I have a range of training in Spiritual Practice & Conscious Relationship. A core focus of my 1:1 & group women's intimacy work is merging the worlds of spirituality & sexuality through meditative & sensual embodiment practice. I believe my soul purpose in this lifetime is to love & be loved (and guide others on this same path). The guidance I offer around Divine Love & Sacred Relationship comes from the best teacher of all: direct, embodied life experience


Your heart is a portal to the Divine. Your body is the vessel. 


I'm fiercely devoted to Conscious Relationship, cultivating Deep Intimacy & Sacred Union, as well as mentoring modern women in heart-centered leadership roles who want to embody deeper levels of self-expression, personal power, sensual embodiment & spiritual self-mastery.

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I'm finding that the consistency  of the daily practices makes it much easier to make clear decisions & navigate action steps, because I'm connected to my inner knowing.

Torie S. 

These daily meditation & embodiment practices gave me personal insight into the areas I needed to raise my consciousness + improve my wellbeing. They opened me up on all levels.

Kim W.

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Free 2-part Sensual Embodiment Series

Includes two embodiment practices (Infinity Breath, 11 minutes & Sensuality Practice, 23 minutes), which combine gentle breath with [seated] movement as a way to deepen your sensual connection with your body, amplify your radiance & feminine magnetism & awaken your sexual life-force energy

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Free 60-minute Conscious Relationship Class

Instant Replay of BLISS: Learn how to turn *any* relationship into a pathway of higher consciousness through the power of meditation (from the lens of Tibetan Buddhism)

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90-minute 1:1 Intuitive Clarity Session

Get the clarity you need in 90 minutes, straight to the point, delivered with love. I'll guide you out of confusion & off the fenceas quickly & easily as possible, plus give you tools to use after our call so you've got the confidence to continue progressing on your own.

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Return of Venus: 5-week exploration of Sacred Feminine Embodiment (self-paced)


My immersive signature 5-week self-study program for the woman ready to deepen in self-intimacy, enhance her relationship with her body, expand in love & connect with the Divine by deep diving into sacred feminine embodiment & an exploration of yin energy through meditative sensual embodiment practices & more.

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Rose Temple: 6-month devotional space for Women on the path of Deep Intimacy & Sacred Union

My signature 6-month long women's temple space, with a focus on daily spiritual practice in support of conscious relationship, deep intimacy, sensual embodiment & tantric sacred union; Waitlist & applications are open nowenrollment begins Spring 2024

[beginner/intermediate-level practice]

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Magdalen Mysteries: 8-week immersion of Tantric Alchemy for women on the path of Sacred Intimacy

For the woman who knows it's time to devote yourself entirely to Divine Love, Sacred Relationship & Tantric Union; by application only, coming Fall 2024

[intermediate-level practice]

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I don't think it's a coincidence that since doing the meditation & embodiment practices, I'm on track to make my first 5-figure month in my business & it's not even a "busy" period.

Angela K.

Ali taught us to always make time for ourselves. Not only showing up, but how you show up can make all the difference. 

Kim W.

The only constant in life is change.

Plot twists on your path are guaranteed and I know this firsthand, because I’ve been mastering the art of navigating the unknown for over a decade.

TBD is a mostly solo creative outlet for me to muse on spiritual seeking, where I'll share what I've learned on this path for 20+ years. We'll explore topics like faith & devotion, conscious relationships, deep intimacy & sex, embodied self & creative expression, personal power, potent heart-centered women's leadership and more. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

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